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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"It is conveniently located."

"Great customer service"

"Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable."

"Friendly and fast; hardly have to wait"

"They're like family"

"Best hometown pharmacy! Always kind and caring! KOVACS... forever & always!"

"I love my pharmacy. They are really nice and thoughtful."

"Absolutely the best pharmacy & DME in South Bay!"

"Not just your typical pharmacy... has an extensive room filled with geriatric service equipment. I was impressed by what was available."

"Best pharmacy in South Bay. Will help you get good prices on your prescriptions."

"Great customer service!"

"Super friendly, courteous, and helpful staff. Individual attention. I would definitely come back!"

"Quick response to email. In store service was excellent and helpful. The price was VERY reasonable! It was a simple and easy process! I definitely would go back!"

"Amazing customer service! I will definitely be doing business here any time the need arises."

"Love this pharmacy. Best service in South Bay. Wonderful, caring, helpful staff. They go the extra mile."

"I was greeted and helped. Staff was very nice and professional. I went in confused and came out a happy customer! Excellent service! I will definitely come back!"

"Very professional, helpful, and polite."

"Good selection to choose from, and the customer service could not have been better."

"I received excellent customer service! Thank you! I truly appreciate all of your help, and will continue to bring my business here!"

"Best pharmacy. They are extremely friendly and helpful. Parking is easy, and I've never waited longer than 5 minutes. Would much rather bring my business here than to CVS!"

"It's awesome! Great service, unbelievable follow through, and they stay on top of your refills and remind you about them via text. Caring staff. They deliver!"

"I love coming to this pharmacy! Everyone is great, and always very helpful. They send me reminders to let me know when medications are ready for pick up, which prevents me from making unnecessary trips."

"I highly recommend this pharmacy to everyone. They treat you like family and listen to your concerns, unlike other pharmacies. Thank you Kovacs-Frey!"

"Best pharmacy in South Bay! All of the employees are helpful, thoughtful, and compassionate! Love love, love, KOVACS-FREY pharmacy!"

"Extremely helpful. Answered all my questions. Very knowledgable. I walked out with what I needed! Thank you!"

"Kovacs was recommended by a family friend... who was right! Very courteous and helped us decide what to get. The price was very reasonable. I make it a point to support deserving local businesses!"

"Kovacs was able to provide the things we needed that no other local pharmacy had in stock. Kudos and thanks!"

"Their friendly first name basis with customers. They're fast and efficient."

"Everyone is nice."

"They're like family... they actually care for you."

"Friendly and fast... hardly have to wait."

"Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable."

"Great customer service!"

You can help Kovacs-Frey Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google, Yelp, and Facebook - thank you!